About my Blog

About QQ

Hello, I’m Quoc Quan. You can call me QQ.

I come from Vietnam and I’m a freelance blogger. My background is in civil engineering, and I have no knowledge of information technology programming whatsoever.

However, blogging is my passion. It’s now 2024, and I’m starting a brand new blog.

I’ve purchased this domain at NameSilo under my name. Hosting is registered with Hawkhost, and I’ve installed the blog using WordPress.

I have many ideas about the blog’s theme, but I’m not entirely sure of their success. So, I’m contemplating removing all restrictions and writing about my life in Vietnam.

So, the main content of the blog is: ” My life in Vietnam “.

I truly believe this is a great topic, and I always have something to share from a personal perspective.

I’m writing this blog without much knowledge of English. I’m starting to learn this language with Duolingo, and it’s quite interesting.

You might wonder how I can write this blog without being proficient in English. Well, I started it with Google Translate. But then I discovered that ChatGPT does it much better. So, most of the content on this blog is translated through ChatGPT.

I don’t think many people will be interested in this topic. I just want to share something about myself with the world and hope someone will like it and befriend me.

If you’re out there and have read this far, you deserve my sincerest thanks. Please help me out a bit by leaving your comments. If possible, share this blog on your social media, it would mean a lot to my new blog.

Thank you so much. You’re awesome.

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